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Implementing best practices is an essential step in ensuring operational availability of Critical Systems

About Us



CB Critical Systems LLC is licensed, certified, and insured to provide both professional and contracting services. Our staff has extensive experience designing and supporting critical infrastructure, and we understand how proper work management practices limit risk, and is essential to ensuring operational up-time. Our experience includes:

  • Single and Multi-unit generating systems using on-board paralleling, switchgear, or Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) controls, ranging from 10kW to over 10 megawatts in capacity.
  • UPS systems including single and multi-module types, ranging from 5kW rack-mounted to over 1000kW parallel units.
  • Unit mounted and free standing Lead Acid battery strings including vented and valve regulated types.
  • Chilled water, Glycol, and DX type cooling system infrastructure equipment including perimeter Computer room AC Units (CRACS), In-Row, and Rack-mount types.
  • Critical Environment Fire Suppression Systems including Gaseous and Pre-Action types.


Jeff Brandon P.E. - Technical Director

Ben Waldrup - Service Director, Project Manager