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Implementing best practices is an essential step in ensuring operational availability of Critical Systems




CB Critical Systems customers include fortune 100 companies, Local and regional businesses, IT Consultants, Property Developers, Real Estate Investment Trust, Property Management Firms, local and regional contractors, and equipment vendors involved in the following sectors.

Data Centers & Server Rooms

  • Colocation / disaster recovery
  • Financial
  • Institutional
  • Academic
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare

Critical Operating Power & Cooling Systems

  • Building Life-Safety
  • Legally required Standby Power
  • Hospitals
  • Critical Care Facilities
  • Emergency Response Centers
  • Mission Critical government operations

Critical Business Process & Systems

  • Call Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Printing
  • Packaging

Partnering with our customers to tailor services to fit their business needs including design/build , traditional engineering design, Construction Management (CMAR), Maintenance Management, or integrating critical systems equipment.

We can work within your business framework to provide assistance.