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Implementing best practices is an essential step in ensuring operational availability of Critical Systems

Project and Construction Management


Assisting owners, contractors, and vendors with implementing critical work.

Construction work poses enormous risk to an operating production facility. Managing and mitigating risk and completing a project on schedule and on budget are huge challenges in the mission critical environment. Acceptable work windows and work control processes that may include coordinating multiple disciplines, occupants, and business units are also important aspects requiring consideration. Given the complexity of the construction process alone, the experience and skill of the construction manager can determine the success of the job.

Our experienced project and construction management team is comfortable working under strenuous conditions, and atypical work hours that some critical work requires. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge in all construction trades (Mechanical, Electrical, General Construction & Fire Suppression) associated with Critical facilities work. The experience and technical expertise CB Critical Systems bring into these environments allows us to respond appropriately to any unplanned or adverse conditions that may arise during work.

CB Critical Systems excels in dealing with controlled work processes and has worked with numerous customers implementing projects within time and budget constrains while maintaining proper work protocols.