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Implementing best practices is an essential step in ensuring operational availability of Critical Systems

Mission Critical Engineering


CB Critical Systems has involvement with the entire life-cycle of mission critical environments through design, installation, testing / commissioning, and maintenance & service, which A&E firms and contractors simply don't experience. Our breadth and depth of experience with mission critical equipment allows us to provide unmatched construction information and details, which can be seen when comparing our products against others. Our documents routinely contain twice the project specific information and accompanying drawings of others in the industry. Our drawings display all the project requirements including equipment specifications and work phasing instructions.

Traditional A&E design practices provide value by balancing quality (of equipment, materials, and workmanship), and construction cost. Quality control and cost are routinely managed by limiting drawings and relying primarily on specification requirements. Relying on specifications for quality control in critical construction can build cost into jobs without providing value. Furthermore, Lack of experience/expertise with critical infrastructure equipment can lead to specifying errors. Limiting drawing details can create serious problems in mission critical environments. Lack of information causes cost overruns when special installation requirements are not priced properly during the bidding process. Problems include excessive equipment requirements, impractical sizing due to product limitations, improper space planning, and lack of project phasing considerations which all lead to added cost and schedule impact.